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About You

It’s All About Our Clients and Their Community

Yes, Account Holders
are in Debt
But They’re People First

A single parent. A difficult medical diagnosis. A lost job. Life’s difficult for many around us. At Harris & Harris we work to help them find answers and a path out of debt so they can start putting their financial lives in order. We start by finding a connection with your account holder and on each call, meeting and interaction, we build a sense of trust that enable us to reach better solutions faster.

We treat your business as if it is our own, tracking accounts carefully, and collecting diligently. Highly trained staff members develop a thorough understanding of your industry and what resonates with your account holders. In fact, as an extension of your office we’re committed to the protection of your good name and reputation. That happens when people come first.

Our Professionals
Know Your Account Holders

Who exactly do you want contacting your account holders to discuss overdue payments? It’s a tricky question. When you entrust revenue recovery to a firm, you put an extraordinary amount of confidence in that partner. When you place your accounts with Harris & Harris expect nothing less than dedicated team members who will be trained about the nuances of your lines of business. We focus our process on working with account holders to establish manageable payment schedules. Helping them get started in a comfortable way is the first critical step. We never forget that we represent the most important organization in the world—yours. And that’s the primary reason why our clients trust Harris & Harris.

Superior Data Protection

Data security is an increasingly sensitive subject. Similarly, the systems required to maintain this security are increasingly more sophisticated. To that end, Harris & Harris remains unsurpassed in its ability to protect the data that’s entrusted to you. To do so we use the most secure encryption technologies available.

But secure data is only as good as the physical access to that data. At Harris & Harris, facility access is gained via access cards and biometric enabled systems, all tracked and monitored by security systems. Workstations not enabled for any kind of personal communication via email or for the internet. Similarly, the use of personal communications devices, cameras, or other recording devices is not permitted on the collection floor. It’s the level of security you should demand from any partner you trust.

An Inviting Workplace and Dedicated Workforce Equates to Top Performance

The fact is, collections is demanding work—every call, every person, every situation is unique. Do it right and you establish a trusting relationship.

At Harris & Harris, we’re doing the things that make our environment a place our associates want to be every day. It’s a warm, contemporary place to work, with lounges to unwind, games to play, a mother’s room, and an Internet cafe to log into the world when off the collections floor. Amenities like these and a commitment to training ensures a dedicated workforce—a team you can count on to be there for the long run. We’d love to introduce you to the people who make it all happen.