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Autism Awareness at Harris & Harris

Autism Awareness at Harris & Harris

April 28, 2015

April is Autism Awareness month. It is a month dedicated to promote awareness, acceptance, and self-determination. 2015 is the 50th anniversaty for the Austin Speaks, as they have worked in communities, organizations and places all over the nation, supporting individuals and families living with autism. With tens of thousands facing autism diagnoses per year, we decided to participate as a company.

Harris & Harris ran a fundraising campaign to support Autism Awareness month. We raised over $1,000 donated from our employees. Our generous owners, Arnie and Dave, matched the donation, with a total of $2,614 to be donated to the Austim Speaks, on behalf of Austim Awareness Month.

Additionally, Harris & Harris also sponsored the “For Autistic Kids” event that took place locally in the Chicago suburbs. Every little bit helps to put the pieces of the puzzle together, which is the most recognized symbol nationally in the autism community.

As a company, we are thrilled to be able to participate in Autism Awareness month. Every step helps, and with fundraising and self-awareness, we are only further educating our employees as well as the rest of the world. We are proud sponsors of the Autism Speaks and the many organizations led throughout the nation!