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Guiding Principles

We focus on maintaining the reputation of our clients in all situations, and we approach debtors in a kind and compassionate manner, as we understand that all of our interactions with clients reflect on your business.

Each employee values the following principles:


The way we treat one another sets the tone for how we do business. At Harris & Harris, we have a level of respect for all employees and, of course, each customer we contact.


Good, responsible people can have bad debt, which is why we handle your customers with great compassion. Often times debt is the result of an unfortunate situation, so a careful and understanding approach is key.


We help people understand all their options when legitimate debt arises. Working with a customer to settle a debt results in a positive outcome—for both the customer and the client.


Harris & Harris is committed to the collection industry. We invest in the most advanced technology, highest security, and the best people to work your accounts. We treat your account as if it were ours and for nearly 50 years this approach has proven its worth.

Identifying Accounts for Litigation

Harris & Harris maintains an exclusive relationship with a network of affiliated attorneys. The network employs full-time attorneys, legal secretaries, and an administrative staff. Their practice is concentrated on accounts receivable collections and creditors’ rights litigation.

If all collection efforts have been exhausted, Harris & Harris may identify certain accounts where legal action may be an appropriate next step. In most cases, a lawsuit will be recommended if the debtor is employed on a full-time basis and our research has shown that the debtor has the ability to pay the debt, but is simply refusing to do so.

Advanced Investigative Techniques

Industry Thought Leaders

Leadership in the organizations that guide collection industry development is important to us. These organizations influence and guide policies in our industry, and as a collections leader, involvement in these organizations is important to us. As a passionate leader in the practice of ethical, compassionate collections, Harris & Harris is involved in numerous professional organizations, including:

  • American Collectors Association International
  • Illinois Collectors Association
  • Commercial Law League
  • National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys
  • Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • Government Finance Officers Association
  • American Gas Association/Edison Electric Institute
  • American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
  • National Association of Credit Management
  • National Center for State Courts