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Extended Business Office

You handle the patient care,
we’ll handle the patient experience.

Today, there is more to do, and less time to do it. And routine operations are not getting any easier.

Hospitals nationwide are re-examining the way they work and simplifying operations through our Extended Business Office and Early-out Programs. As a true extension of your team, our solutions ensure your patients understand their financial options, all while we protect and enhance your reputation.

Harris & Harris by the numbers

< 3% abandonment rate

97% calls answered within 60 seconds

81% first call resolution

< 1-min average hold time

5–7 min handle time

Protecting patient relationships

Your marketplace reputation is everything. That is why we train our Patient Experience Advocates to use proven, empathetic communication techniques that encourage positive resolutions. All calls are recorded and performance KPIs are audited daily, giving you confidence in our processes. By educating patients and answering billing questions, we help relieve their anxiety while we focus on solving the billing situation.

Working closely with your team, our customized programs meet unique needs and improve the bottom line.

Early Out programs yield substantial recovery increases

With more than 50 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we don’t recommend waiting 30 days to start collections. Our proven early out solutions and risk-free contingency fees relieve the burden from your staff.

Our personalized approach and 4 key points lead to higher collection rates
  • We explain the hospital bill, so they understand the charges and their responsibility
  • We reach out closer to the discharge date
  • We outline multiple payment options
  • We personalize all communications, treating each patient with respect

We have—and always will—hold ourselves to a higher standard.