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Harris Claims

Effectively STOP revenue leakage
the industry’s leading claims solution.

Our technology allows us to quickly and easily identify payers on a large percentage of accounts while expert staff focus on the patients, attorneys, or adjusters on the more complex claims that benefit from the human touch.


>90% identification of unknown coverage

ClaimQuest is a proprietary process of discovering information and identifying claim-specific details. It consists of internal operations that blend the most advanced database discovery tools and expert auditing to determine the highest payment available in the most rapid amount of time. With a greater than 90% success rate for finding unknown coverage, ClaimQuest allows us to also access insurance, workers comp, and litigation databases to find pertinent accident-related knowledge so we can quickly file liens, coordinate payer sources, verify documentation, and more. Clients can expect to see a significant lift in reimbursements, higher conversions, and a reduction in cycle time from referral to payment.



Cross-Functional Team of Experts

•All accounts are reviewed by a dedicated team of tenured claim reps

•On-site industry experts

•Provider registration trainers available

In-House Law Firm

•Captive law firm provides in-house legal services

•Extensive industry and regulatory relationships

•Attorney to Attorney communication

State-of-the-Art Technology

•Best-in-class Claims Database

•Ability to identify 1st & 3rd party claim data

•Electronic Billing

•Industry Leading Automation

Cradle-to-Grave Solution

•An industry leader in recoveries

•Insurance Billing

•Customizable workflows