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H&H Dessert Day!

H&H Dessert Day!

November 16, 2017

Harris & Harris is lucky to have over 500 employees nationwide. Our employees are the backbone of our business and the driving force of our success. Our corporate leaders try to find different ways throughout the year to show their appreciation for the staff. With a company of our size, it is not often that the owners and senior leadership are able to interact on a day to day basis with all employees, though they make a point to do so whenever they can!

Harris & Harris decided to serve the employees with a fun treat and surprise and deemed November 15th, Dessert Day! Our owners, Arnie and Dave Harris, delivered dessert to every employee in our Chicago headquarters. Arnie and Dave, walked through our three floors with dessert carts, coffee, and treats. All different types of cakes, cookies, brownies, and more were enjoyed throughout our office. As you can see below, the plates filled our massive boardrooms with the help of our HR and facilities team, as Arnie and Dave made their way through the floors!

Arnie and Dave loved having a moment to interact with the majority of our staff, and have a chance to share their appreciation for the handwork and dedication seen on a daily basis at Harris & Harris.