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Third Party Liability & Workers’ Compensation Recovery

When there’s a claim, someone is going to pay.
Are you confident that you are collecting most effectively?

Complex Claim recovery strategies need to move quickly to establish the best and most effective payer. If not properly monitored, these accounts can result in lost revenue and compliance issues. Our tenured staff—paired with advanced claim management tools—ensure a higher reimbursement rate while lifting the collection burden.

Stop revenue leakage with our holistic approach

Understanding the big picture ensures better outcomes. We start by working with your registration department to identify liability accounts and collect patient information at the beginning of the claims process. We continue to build the patient relationship through respectful phone calls and written correspondence to obtain coverage information that might not have been identified at registration. Regular follow-up, using the patient’s preferred communication methods, helps the patient navigate the process efficiently.

When needed, our denial team files reconsideration appeals for denied claims and for underpayment on workers’ compensation claims. Our automated systems track all payments to ensure we collect the correct amounts based on payer contracts, including workers’ comp, and on available funds—MedPay or PIP.

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