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Using the Best Available

Harris & Harris utilizes the most advanced software and hardware available to our industry. Our advanced technology, paired with our seasoned, professional employees, guarantees outstanding service. We constantly monitor any technological changes occurring in our industry and regularly invest in systems upgrades that will improve our efficiency of debt recovery. Our IT department is dedicated to improving our business model, assisting clients and providing the best revenue recovery services possible.

Telephony Capabilities:
  • Client-Specific Dialing Campaigns
  • Client-Specific Inbound Call Flows
  • Toll free and Local Numbers, with ACD and Seamless Transfers
  • Interactive and Auto Attendant Outbound Campaigns
  • IVR System for Self-Help Payments
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring and Coaching
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Accounting Tracking
  • Real-Time Agent Level Displays

Customized For You

Our system capacity is virtually limitless. We customize our programs to your specific needs and can develop demand notices, targeted calling campaigns and any specific reporting measures necessary. We ensure that all collection representatives are fully functional with the latest technology.

Our call center uses the following technologies:
  • Inbound and outbound call center
  • We have 550 virtual desks
  • Inbound/outbound call blending
  • Interactive voice messaging
  • Bi-lingual automated voice communications
  • Accounts linked by guarantor
  • Data receipt in any format (VPN preferred)
  • Electronic payment files/adjustments
  • We have 1200 phone lines
  • Auto-dialing technology for high and low balance accounts
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Remote client access

Columbia Ultimate (CUBS®)

Harris & Harris has been utilizing CUBS® as our collection system software vendor of choice for many years. CUBS® customers include hospitals, banks, government agencies, utilities, collection agencies and other monetary recovery companies. Our Management Information Technology staff and high-level administrative personnel have attended training classes at our facility as well as the corporate headquarters for CUBS®. We have found CUBS® to be very flexible for the use of reporting to management and/or clients. In addition, Harris & Harris employs on-site programmers who are able to write custom programs to allow a high degree of customization with minimal response time for our client.

Columbia Ultimate

Personalized For You

Our Account Flow Manager system aids us in developing and executing collection strategies that reflect our core collection policies and procedures. It is flexible enough to meet your specific requirements. The system automatically prioritizes and distributes new accounts using the strategic principles you’ve established, so we can focus our attention on other productive tasks. This system also gives management personnel the ability to monitor and forecast account revenues and review promised payment statistics. It creates user-friendly reports in real-time.

Immediate Response

Our system gives our staff access to real-time client reports–accounts assigned, total amount collected, the number of cancelled accounts, legal actions, and special notes. This access allows us to respond immediately when a client calls to check on the status of an account. We can also generate a detailed client inventory report to send individual agencies to show how we’re working their accounts.